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Standard Tube Television and Projection TV Repair and Services
Toledo - Northwest Ohio - Southeast Michigan

As one of the most trusted Television repair services in Toledo, Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, Household Centralized Service takes tremendous pride in our quality of service, and our ability to make your Television work like new again.

Our highly trained service personnel are the best in the business while always staying on top of new technologies to better serve you.

Even with the advancement of HDTV Television models, brands, and types, many people still enjoy the Standard Tube Television and Projection Television experience. Household Centralized Service has long bee the leader in servicing and repairing Standard Tube Televisions and Projection Televisions, keeping them working like new.

Some makes and models may be more susceptible to service and repair needs due to mass production defects, design flaw or substandard part or component was used in the manufacturing process. Year of wear and tear on these Televisions that have served our families Television Viewing needs for years, and in some cases even decades.

The expert repair and service staff at Household Centralized Service will treat your Standard Tube Television and Projection Television just as if it were one of our own. These types of Televisions have always been a special part of many family homes, and we believe they should be given the opportunity to continue to adorn our homes in the future.

For all of your Standard Tube Television and Projection TV Repair, Service, and Parts needs in Toledo, Northwest Ohio, and Southeast Michigan, contact Household Centralized Service at:


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Providing the Toledo, Northwest Ohio & Southeast Michigan areas with Professional & Reliable Standard Tube Television and Projection TV Repair Service since 1936.


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